Airside LED Work Lamp

When safty matters 

The latest innovation of portable LED lighting technology. Airlamp™ design offers unrivalled solid state led performance coupled with the flexibility and maintainability and reliability of the classic nav-comm eclipse module system.

Vehicle Mounted 10v-48v DC

LED Airside Aiport Work Lamp 

Colours available:

White, Black, Gulf Tan. Other colours to special order.

White, Black, Construction Yellow, Fire Red, Electric Blue, Light Grey, Gulf Tan, Chocolate, Other Colours to Special Order

Colours available:

Civil Aviation Authority G-INFO Aircraft data base (PNC for Aircraft)

Airport diver data

AirDAT manages complete Airside Driving & Airside training programme as a candidate, company, trainer or airport operator.  With nearly 500 airside companies using AirDAT at Gatwick, Heathrow & Stansted, for initials, refreshers, familiarisations & more.


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